Charity Number 1187246

Day 45 - May 20th


26 Miles

Start: Top Road from Ringstead at Noon

My route will take me through

From the main road down to Ringstead

Osmington Mills


Up and over the White Horse Hill

Sutton Poyntz

Osmington via the road at the top of the White Horse Hill

Osmington Mills

Bowleaze Cove


Sandsfoot Castle

Portland Harbour

Approximate finish time 6pm

Approximate run time 4.5 hours

#Run Routes are subject to last-minute changes for various reasons.

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​Day 46!!! - May 21st


20.96 Miles

Start: The Bandstand in Pageant Gardens, Sherborne

On this last run day of the 46 I am having a stand at Sherborne’s Independent Market. I am setting the stand up at 8am and will start my run from Pageant Gardens. My route will take me through the following places:



Sandford Orcas



The route will be completed twice before ending at

The Bandstand in Pageant Gardens at 1pm

I will then continue with running my stand,
Aiming to raise £150+

Fundraising Activities

Selling of goods at The Sherborne Independent Market
Running a raffle alongside the stand, aiming to raise £50+