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“Gryphon School Insulate Sherborne Challenge”

September 2021

 Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), young people 

 under the age of 25 with learning difficulties, their families, carers, and the   specialist educational providers that support them in Dorset and Somerset.


  The autumn term is whizzing by, and the colder winter months are looming. Year 9 Nurture Students that I am working with at The Gryphon School are all set to                take part in a 3-week challenge to raise funds for Insulate Sherborne, starting on Monday December 14th. During their P.E. lessons they are racking up as many Kms        as possible, using a variety of fitness machines such as bikes, rowers, Stairmasters, treadmills, and cross trainers, as well as walking/running around the sports fields.

  Their aim is to raise as much money as possible through sponsorship and direct donations. The funds raised will support local families and individuals who are struggling    with the extortionate rise in the cost of living, the money being used to help homes to stay warm. No one should have to choose between food and heating.

  The Hidden Needs Trust Treasurer has set up a second donation site here to enable the funds raised to go into a ringfenced "pot" for this challenge. Once the challenge      is finished, monies will be transferred to Insulate Sherborne for allocation.

  Please support as much as you can as these students are going above and beyond. I am also joining in the challenge, giving up my lunch break each day during the          week to cover Kms, as well as joining the students during their P.E. lessons.  We hope to raise at least £1000, and are reaching out for support from every teacher,            Governor, school dinner team, and cleaners at the school.

  Please spread the word and help us as a community make many families and individuals more comfortable this winter.

  Rachel Goodfellow

​  HNT Founder, Chair of Trustees and Sole Fundraiser

 ​​A personal message from Rachel Goodfellow, Hidden Needs Trust Founder, Chair of Trustees and Fundraiser.

 Welcome to 2022 from HNT!

 After another challenging year for everyone, it looks as though there is a glimmer of hope with covid-19 restrictions being lifted as vaccinations are further rolled out. Do look at the list of   events that are being organised for 2022 and 2023 as you may like to be involved!  Go to "HNT What’s On".

 PLEASE NOTE, due to the Ukrainian Crisis, some of the planned events for HNT are likely to change in terms of timings/dates. This is because HNT is a base for collections for Ukraine, and also   because as President for Sherborne Castles Rotary Club, much is going on behind the scenes at this very sad time.

 For HNT, despite the hurdles over the last 2 years, I have been busier than ever, having to think completely “out of the box” of ways to support those in the community in whatever way has   been needed.

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 ​Having a couple of old bikes in need of   loads of TLC, Rachel donated them to   Prodigal Bikes, a charity who refurbish   bikes before sending them to Africa. 

 The picture above was taken in Kenya   and shows the happy new owners.        

 Get in touch with Prodigal Bikes if you   have any old bikes you don't need.

Mike McLaughlin - "Given the Edge" in conversation with HNT's Founder Rachel Goodfellow​

December 2020

HNT Donates Racing Wheelchair to

Poole Athletics Club.

 Finally after long delays caused by Covid19 HNT's racing   wheelchair, sponsored by 'Simply Advice' goes to a new home   where it will be put to good use by a parathlete, thus achieving   Rachel Goodfellow's, HNT's founder, long term goal. 

 The wheelchair was used by Rachel in her 'Wheelchair Marathon   Challenge' against parathelete Ebony Court at the 2018   Sherborne Summer Festival, the Marathon ​(26.22 mls) was   completed in 43.40 mins - average speed 36   mph, and at other   promotional events.