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​Run routes are subject last-minute changes for various reasons including, conditions taking into account Rachel's ankle injury, invites to visit additional venues etc. For latest updates and news go to 

Rachel's Facebook page 'Here'

​A BIG Thank You to everyone who donated their support.

With your help an amazing £16026.02 was raised, this will be shared equally between

Rotary Foundation and Hidden Needs Trust.

The support along the way was amazing with many new contacts etc gained.

                                                                                     46 Marathons in 46 Days
                                                                     Starting April 6th 2023  Ending May 21st 2023
                              Raising funds for families with additional needs young people and for Rotary’s Charity Foundation

2023 will bring my 2023 physical challenge for Hidden Needs Trust, long overdue because of the disruptions of the pandemic. This year will be different as my challenge is greater than I have ever attempted previously, and I will be splitting funds raised between Hidden Needs Trust and Rotary’s Global Charity, Foundation.

Do see the attachment which gives information about the amazing work that Foundation does across the world. 'Click Here for Rotary Information'

At this present time, with the crisis of war in Ukraine, Rotary needs to raise huge amounts of funds in order to buy generators and other vital items to support those affected by the conflict. We, as an organization, have been proactive in sourcing much needed resources to send directly into Ukraine and Poland since the start of the conflict, I myself being a collection point for truck loads of goods. As the weather turns colder in Ukraine, there is a huge need for warm clothing, especially as the bombing of homes has left many in less than suitable accommodation with little to keep them warm. Please do find a collection point near to you and donate what you can.

Back to my 2023 Physical Challenge…
I am running/walking 46 marathons in 46 days across our Rotary District 1200. This District extends from Chippenham to Bath, down to Lyme Regis, across to Bridport, Weymouth, and Portland, and up to Frome. It is a large District with 45 clubs, hence the 45 marathons. [In fact, at the time of writing this I think there may be a further 2 clubs, but 45 marathons in 45 days is enough to raise some fantastic funds for these good causes.]
You will be able to see where I am running each day, the route, the mileage, and also the fundraising that is going on with predicted funds to be raised by visiting my 'Run Day Menu' (link below). My daily runs will be tracked and the treasurer for HNT can give updates throughout. I cannot have anyone running alongside due to insurance reasons, but runners/walkers are welcome to be there at the start and finish, and of course are welcomed to join in any of the fundraising activities.

Do get in touch if touch can help in any way, particularly with the fundraising events. The aim is to have great fun each day, despite being physically shattered, flagging up what great work both the charities do across Dorset and Somerset, and Internationally as well as locally for Rotary. I hope to raise at least £10,000 during the 45 days.

The fundraising events are designed to be fully inclusive so that those with disabilities can join in. Likewise, fundraising activities are inclusive to those who are infirm or elderly…just pick what is right for you.

Your support is welcomed in any way that you can, whether throwing some pennies into the pot, organizing a fundraise your self, or sponsorship in some form. The treasurer will be opening a separate account for this challenge so that it is away from any other fundraising that HNT is doing at present. Once the 45 days are over and all funds in, the treasurer will close the account and divide the money between the 2 charities. All accounts will be available to see at any time. Details of the account will be seen by the middle of February.

I am needing sponsorship for the following…

   1. Sports clothing …20 pairs of high-quality running socks, wet weather running gear, sports watch, and 3 x pairs of specialist running shoes.

   2. High Energy Drinks x 45, 1 per day to be taken pre running.

Sponsorship for each day of the run, with costs as follows…

  A: 1 x Day of Sponsorship…£200

  B: 2 x Days of Sponsorship…£150

Sponsorship will mean that your business/company/organization gets full promotion on the HNT and Rotary Websites, and throughout the challenge, with particular emphasis on the days that I am running though your area. The run will be heavily promoted on social media platforms, and though other marketing/media areas, and so why not get your name up there as a supporter?
Do get in contact asap so that I can support you by having your logo on my running vests.

One HEADLINE SPONSOR who is willing to start the fundraising off with a Financial Donation of £5,000+
received as I am organizing this challenge and fundraising events solely. Training for the challenge, supporting my children, teaching up until Easter, HNT work supporting families with additional needs young people, and Rotary work as President and Secretary of The Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles means that spare time is limited!!

Help with contacting newspapers and other forms of media will be of huge help, as will be spreading the word about the challenge wherever you can.

Even if you are not based within the District 1200 region, please do consider donating to this fantastic 2 charities. I am hoping to expand HNT into other adjacent counties [currently I support families in Dorset and Somerset] and I also hope to get support for children and young people with additional needs in Kasese, Uganda.

Thank you all so much for reading this and your support as ever,


Rachel Goodfellow

Founder, Chair of Trustees, and Sole Fundraiser for Hidden Needs Trust

President and Secretary of The Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles