Charity Number 1187246

Notice of grant availability and application forms will be posted here during December 2023 

From 2020 HNT expanded it's financial support to those in Dorset and Somerset. Families/Carers with children or young people with Special Educational Needs up to 25 years old, young adults living independently/semi-independently with Learning Difficulties up to the age of 25, and the Specialist Education Providers that support those with Additional Needs in the two counties can all apply for funding.  

HNT Grant Applications 2022

 The very difficult times we all have all found ourselves in over recent times has had a huge impact on   our normal fund raising. For this reason, HNT has taken the decision, despite some very good support   since 2021, not to make general grant applications available for 2022. This will allow monies held at   year end to be rolled over into 2023 for future use, as we did in 2021.                    

 However, HNT has been diversifying throughout the Pandemic and onwards, supporting not only     many families with additional needs young people, but also other small local charities and schools that   have also been hit hard that also support those with SEND. 

 The support has been through donations, such as children's Christmas gift bags for a local   primary school, donations of food pre-Christmas an important contribution this year, the donation of   home goods, toys etc, continued a before throughout the year. In addition, HNT has donated goods to   other local charities and groups to ensure all the items which have been donated to HNT go to help   those affected by SEND in some way. HNT has also been proactive during 2022 towards the Support   Ukraine Campaign by acting as a hub for donations for forwarding on to local transport links, following   on to this HNT was also able to assist Ukraine refuges settling with local families by providing a range   of basic requirements. 

 HNT will continue support in any way it can, as well as getting fundraising back on track as HNT plans   to grow and develop according to the needs of the community at any one time.


 ​Pre charity status HNT has been able to provide funding, with the support of   Somerset Community Foundation, to the following recipients:

 Yeovil Opportunity Group £6,850 

 Taunton Opportunity Group £7,850. 

 Dorchester Opportunity Group £5,300.

 Blandford Opportunity Group £5,300 

​ Plus in 2015 a £17,000 cut in funding for Dorchester Opportunity Group was   overturned by HNT's intervention; without this they may have faced closure.



 Yeovil, Taunton, Dorchester and Blandford Opportunity Groups received £2,500 each.



 £9,000 in Charitable Grants was donated this year. The beneficiaries being

 Yeovil, Taunton, Dorchester and Blandford Opportunity Groups and two SEN families.

Hidden Needs Trust Charitable Grants

​              HNT Charitable Grant Terms and Conditions

 (1) ​Grant applications are welcomed from individuals, groups and

      charities in Dorset and Somerset;Applications must received by

      the closing date advised on the form. Each application will be

      considered on their individual merits by the HNT trustees. 

 (2) Additional information may be request by the HNT trustees.

 (3) All funds granted must be to the benefit of those affected by

     Special Educational Needs; aged 25 years and below.

 (4) Proof of how funds are spent will be required by the HNT trustees.

 (5) Grant applications received after the closing date may be

      considered during the following year.

 (6) HNT Trustees decision will be final. Applicants will be notified of

      their applications.