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​​The adventures of Y my SEN daughter, hope you enjoy.... 

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Rachel's Charity Corner on Abbey 104

Introducing local charities to the local community

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Click here for November update on Eric's run  ​Sherborne based Eric Jager returns to his home town in the Netherlands and completes the 50 km "Run van Winschoten" in 4hrs 47 mins.

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  "Hidden Needs Trust " - Videos and Poem

Many thanks to Yeovil College Media Dept. and their students for their help in the making of videos for HNT over the past 2 years.

And a big thank you to HNT Poet Laurence Lagrue

for his amazing HNT Poem.

HNT is very pleased to announce, that the Dorset Opportunity Groups (Dorchester, Blandford) and Somerset Opportunity Groups (Yeovil and Taunton) have each received £2500.00 in grants from funds raised during 2019.

Rachel Goodfellow, founder of HNT, receiving cheque for £2,500 from Clair Smith, operations manager, and Sarah Ryan, marketing director, of Peter Harding Wealth Management

Saturday May 11th 2019 

Rachel’s Physical Challenge at The Quedam  ​Yeovil
Supported by Abbey 104 

How many static miles did Rachel cover in the HNT Racing Wheelchair in 4 hours? 

The answer:  An amazing 444.05 miles in 4:00:16 hours

 ​​During 2015-17 over £25,000 was raised through the Hidden Needs Trust with the help of Somerset Community Foundation.

Beneficiaries: Blandford and Dorchester Opportunity Groups £5,300 each, Taunton Opportunity Group £7,850 and Yeovil Opportunity Group £6,850

Plus a £17,000 cut in funding for Dorchester Opportunity Group was overturned by HNT's intervention; without this they may have faced closure.

They are still open and recently achieved an outstanding OFSTED rating.

COVID-19 Please help HNT to keep giving support during what is a difficult 2020 by "Sponsoring" or “Donating”

Welcome to Hidden Needs Trust

Hidden Needs Trust raises money for SEN preschool children in Dorset and Somerset, and the very specialist pre-school groups that support them. These Opportunity Groups are charities themselves and need to raise around £40,000 each annually merely to remain open.

The groups are based in Dorchester, Blandford, Yeovil and Taunton and are centres of excellence supporting SEN children, their families and carers ensuring each individual child reaches their optimum potential. Through the Opportunity Groups other professionals are accessed such as Speech and Language Therapy, Music Therapy, Paediatricians and Occupational Therapy. The staff are highly trained to work with highly complex needs.

Without these specialist groups, many children would not get early diagnosis, never reach their true potential, and the whole family until would be under enormous stress. The two counties are large and rural and if any one of the group's should close it would mean even more difficult access to specialist treatment and education for families...many would find travelling the extra miles to the next nearest group would be impossible and too taxing for the child.

Having founded the trust in 2015, a LOT has happened since then.  Including obtaining charity status in January 2020.

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