Charity Number 1187246

‚ÄčJenny Devitt...for being my support driver, photographer and recording the daily interviews.


Abbey-104...for their continued support throughout, and along with Car Shop Yeovil, providing the car and tracker.


The Oxley Sports Centre and team...for their support with my training.


Olivers Coffee Shop...for providing all the teas, coffees and cakes!!! during my endless meetings through the year!


Town Mill Bakery...for helping William make the HNT buns at the end of the run!


Samways Fish...Mark! Who helped with organising the Mass Musical Chairs...


Penny Grundon...for providing the most amazing HNT cake!


Oliver from Running Free...Poole,...for being an amazing sponsor by providing me all the sports kit needed!

Cerne Brewery..., together with Abbotts Tea Room Cerne Abbas...for providing beer and canapes on the last eve of my run. 

@CerneBrewery   @abbottstearooms

Charles Rose Wine...for sending through beautifully boxed champagne for the end of the run. ..and of course for the rest of the wine!!!

Party-time Dorset...for providing all the childrens' fun entertainment and being a tremendous support!


Richards...Mr Softee Ice Cream Van...who provided LOTS of huge ices for all the school children at the end of my run!

Paignton Poet...for the kind words pre and post run!


Sherborne PO and Oxfords Bakery...for allowing me to display the banners in their shops!


Jim Johnson...HNT photographer.

Dorset Scouser...Stephen Banks...for providing all the beautiful photographic cards so that I can send thank yous!


Wyke "Master Printer"...who even managed to get a naked lady on my banners!!! MMM...huge thanks as he has done all the banners, pull-ups and posters!


Acton Bluewatch...particularly "Luke Pomeroy" with whom I hope to do some joint ¬£raising events with early next year. And also being a huge support on the run...


Simon treasurer...who despite being busy has had the time to do the HNT accounts too.

Pete VERY long suffering web designer, who frequently pulls out his hair when I delete it all!


To all the places that I stayed at during my run...

@CoramCottage, @SunnyhillGstHse, @BishopsCottage1, @SprayCopseFarm, @CrownBlandford, @abbottstearoom...

and of course...

My wonderful children who have participated in events with me, encouraged and supported throughout...and may join me next year when I do the 26 marathons back:back for HNT!

Particular personal thanks to...