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​Throughout 2021 and 2022 I have had men awaiting their first social housing for work experience, ensuring that they leave with not only great references but also ALL items required to set up a first home. A huge thank you to all who have helped me do this either through donations or transport.

June bought a week of work experience to a 16-year-old lad with Downs Syndrome. A long day for Bradley as he was with me from 9.30 until 5 each day. He helped sort donations, came with me to support The Honesty Jar taking goods for them to display on their always stocked shelves, visited families with gifts, and more. We also spent parts of the day learning new functional skills, such as looking after the rabbits, seeing and feeding Mr. Torty, a local tortoise resident, and learning new cooking skills, maths and English.
Bradley went off with a certificate and reference and would be welcomed back for more days in between college days in 2023.

The treasurer is going to roll the funds over for a further year as actual fundraising this year has been limited. However, 2023 brings the next [but final!!!] mad physical challenge for me.

I will be running 45 marathons in 45 days across our vast District 1200 Rotary area. The run will happen between April 6th until May 21st. The funds will be divided between HNT and Rotary’s Charity Foundation. This is a Worldwide Charity with funds raised going to local, and/or global causes, one good example being funds towards the eradication of polio.

Why 45? Well, actually with the springing up of a couple more of our District Rotary Clubs, I should really run 47 marathons in 47 days! However, the run route is now set and I do not want to change it all again. Initially, the plan was to run each day to a different Rotary Club, putting on a fundraise when I arrived. Due to a family member with stage 4 cancer and her ongoing scans and possible further treatment, I have arranged for some the marathons to be based around the Sherborne area so that I can get to be with her quickly in the event of any sudden issue. Many of the Rotary Clubs are also close together, and so joint fundraisers at a central point will be possible on some of the days.
More details on each day will be put out after the New Year, and so do watch out for my social media posts and updates here.

I am looking for the following help with this huge challenge, and so do get in touch asap if you can help…
Sponsored shoes…3 x pairs of specific running shoes.
Sponsored Knee Supports.
Media Coverage, both locally and nationally.
A photographer[s] who can be with me at some point on all 45 days…either at the start of the day or at the end at the fundraise.
Sponsors for the event…either 1 sponsor per each day, or 1 main sponsor for the entire event.
Sponsored sports drinks.

When I put up about where I am going to be each day, you will see that I have to stay away for a couple of nights due to the vast spread of our District 1200 Rotary Clubs. On these nights I will be seeking free B and B, and so do then spread the word.

But for now, have a very peaceful and blessed Christmas, and a healthy 2023,

God Bless,

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