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​I could not have moved HNT forwards without the continual support of so many people in our local community and across Dorset and Somerset. There are just too many to thank, from individuals to other charitable/not for profit organisations, but special thanks go to…

ALL who have donated goods, from teaspoons to lawn mowers, so that a vast number of families and individuals have been able to receive everything that they have required to start a home. Many have moved into their first social housing from emergency accommodation, or have needed goods due to loss of jobs and/or homes.

Please do keep donating items which you would otherwise be taking to the recycling centre. Even tins of paint [unopened or half full], carpet offcuts, unused or half full cleaning items and toiletries, and gardening tools are welcomed.

All who have helped with donating toys so that every child at Sherborne Primary School [311!] could receive a Christmas Bag of gifts. A huge thanks to all who made up bags for the gifts, Mid West Stationers who provided large Christmas bags at cost price, and Marilyn…an 8 year old special little girl who helped me get the 311 bags to the school, some of which were almost as tall as her!

I hope to now be able to donate gifts annually to the primary schools in Sherborne, and to have links in other towns/villages across Dorset and Somerset who will lead a small group of people to do the same in their areas under the HNT banner.     

Sherborne recycling centre, who have been amazing at letting me have furniture and other goods that have been left on their stand, for next to nothing. Also, for engaging with individuals who have come with me to find goods for their homes, ensuring that they have felt special and welcomed. They are displaying the HNT leaflet, and so if you are planning to take things to their centre, please ask for my details.

Carol West and the team of Quilters from Bishop Caundle, who have donated masses of beautiful handmade quilts so that HNT could pass them on to SEN children who attend the very specialist Opportunity Groups in Yeovil and Dorchester.

The children not only use the quilts as bed covers and comforters, but also for games such as “hunt the animals on the quilt”, lining up of toys, and using the patterns as a road for cars.

The Honesty Jar in Henstridge who again have welcomed families and individuals coming with me who have been on the hunt for secondhand toys and home goods. Also, for being proactive in finding goods for me if I have specifically asked.

Jules Bradburn and the Sherborne Monthly Market Team, who have allowed HNT to have a stand in Pageant Gardens throughout the year. I am looking forwards to the first market this year on April 25th. Not only will there be plenty of goods for sale at £1 each, but also an interactive game for the children where they win a prize every time.

HNT has also had the first Saturday Market Stand in the foyer at The New Digby Hall in Sherborne. It was a huge success, and I look forwards to being a regular stall holder there each moth from May…always the first Saturday in the month from 9am until 12.30pm. See further details on HNT's events page.

Poole Athletics Club who now have the HNT sports wheelchair. It is being used for training by one of their para-athletes who has an amazing career in sport ahead of him.

Teresa P, who sells goods online for HNT so that the charity can stay afloat despite the lack of fundraising over the last 2 years.

Marston Magna d Sandford Orcas villages who support HNT by inviting us to have stands at their fayres, and who have HNT as their beneficiary from raffles etc.

Keith Foy…Simply Advice…for his financial support.

SPFIT Sherborne, Simon Partridge, who is my Personal Trainer, and who ensure that I get through my annual physical challenges. Watch out for my challenge in 2023 as it is HUGE!!!

Abbey-104’s Mark Eames and Gilly Hart, who have me once a month on their radio show. More on this can be seen on the website.

My trustees and treasurer, Laurence Lagrue, Jane Wood, and Peter Edwards.

My children who have put up with the many hours spent on the charity, who have helped as and when necessary, and who have welcomed families and individuals who have come to the farmhouse to access goods.     

Thank you all so very much,


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