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Safety at a priority, HNT had to cancel numerous events and think quickly out of the box. Families still needed support, but I could not fundraise. Families with SEN children/young people were suddenly faced with Furlough, and or job loss, home schooling, anxious young people who normally required consistency and stability of specialist education, worries regarding self-isolation and more. The pressures on all planes of health, physical, mental, emotional, and social were huge [and still are for many although there is some easing now], and the families and individuals/carers have faced challenges like never before.

I, myself, have been in that world with 3 children at home to home school, 1 doing Mock A levels, 1 who is 13, and of course little Y who is my SEN daughter. The days have been spent home learning, doing as much exercise with them all as possible, encouraging fun and the discovering of alternate ways to ensure their positive mental and emotional health is maintained. With 2 more “children” away to be concerned about, 1 in London who definitely had 2 weeks of illness back in early March, and  1 in Atlanta, USA who is not in the best place for COVID-19, I have had neither the time or the energy to do zoom meetings, whether as HNT founder or as a Rotarian, but I have found the energy to maintain HNT as much as possible.

In January HNT’s charity status was approved, followed by a review and gradual update of the website, HNT has now linked up with CAF (Charities Aid Foundation), whose platform is used for secure online donations and additional external promotion.

I have had many people donating beautiful, knitted blankets, quilts, bric a brac, furniture for me to upcycle, plants and other very good condition goods. This has meant that I have been able to put together box loads of wrapped parcels to deliver to the doors of local families with SEN connections. It has been a way to get new toys and games to the children, ensure their siblings also get presents and are also nurtured during these times, and of course to ensure that the link is continuing with the parents and carers.

This will be the way forwards until fundraising can restart…so if you have any items to donate please do 
get in touch

As the lockdown eases over the next few months, there is a plan to get small bubbles together to come to the farm with picnics, to enjoy the outside space and toys/equipment here, to potter in the garden and paddock, and of course to see and feed George the HNT goat. This is not possible as I write but let us hope that over the winter months there is not a spike and we find some further long-term solutions to this virus.

In the meantime, do
get in touch if you need advice…if HNT cannot help then I probably am in touch with someone that can. I am already preparing talks for 2021, preparing for many new fundraising events, and planning outside summer inclusive events which will be free for all to enjoy.

The 2021 Concert which was due to happen on January 9th…as things stand, unless social distancing is no longer an issue, it will be postponed.

HOWEVER, there could be ways forwards to have a further concert later in 2021 if all safety measures are put in place, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Thank you with all my heart for still supporting HNT and please feel free to see how you can make regular small monthly donations by accessing the DONATIONS button,


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