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Rachel's personal poem 2015

Introduction to Naturism!!

My Introduction to Naturism happened in May
In Kent, when I did a sponsored 5K.
Hidden Needs Trust hat on, I went off on the train
With William, age 11, to this new “terrain”!

Weeks before I'd expected to feel nervous and shy,
To hide behind banners, not look men in the eye!!
I'd feel exposed and embarrassed, self-conscious, forlorn,
I'd want the challenge to end, return to Sherborne.
All those that were there would laugh, stare and frown
As I'd find it quite hard to smile and look definitely “down”.
I'd return home the next day with NO doubt in my glare…
That NEVER...even for charity, would I again go bare!

All was so different, from the time I arrived,
I felt free and relaxed, at last felt alive!
I felt nurtured and welcomed, accepted for “me”,
And William my son absorbed it with glee!

The 5K run I had to hold sadly in check
As 8 weeks before I had broken my neck!
But, hard collar on, I stomped through the trees,
No running allowed, just fast walking you see.
William, however, ran the race in fast time
With applause from spectators as he crossed the end line.
He dived in the pool, joined in parties at night,
Chatted quite freely to all those in sight.

Too soon was the time to return on the train,
Oh how we had both wished we could have remained
Just for another few days: it would have been fun
Being with new found friends, feeling free in the sun.

“You were brave” came the comments from people at home.
“What was it like?” They expected a moan!
What surprise on their faces when I explained with great glee
How it felt to at last feel whole and free.

How I'd do it again with no niggling doubts
For Hidden Needs Trust Yes! Just give me a shout!
How I'd said to them all “give it a try;
I promise you one thing, you won't be shy!”
I told them that Naturism is not sexual at all,
That they'd wish they'd come with me or tried it before.

So, if you want to see that I've done it again,
Just get the Autumn edition of the mag from BN!
An Hidden Needs Trust skinny dip on June 7,
The Beach Day at Studland was just pure heaven!

We all ran into the water, despite the cold sea,
The best Sunday spent in a long time for me!
So watch out for the blog...come on women take note,

Naturism is FUN! I'd give it the vote.
he future re Naturism for the children and me…
You'll see us quite often' just wait and see!
With HNT hat on? yes, of course as my Trust
Needs many fundraising events...that's always a MUST!

Also just as “me with the kids” except in the snow…
No “hat” now needed, go on, give it a go!!

Rachel Goodfellow
Hidden Needs Trust


​​The Paignton Poet wrote:

Not Hiding From The Challenge

Young People with Hidden Needs
Deserve support from all, indeed
Striving and achieving their potential
Is not just a right it is essential

To raise funds as well as a smile
Rachel is going more than the extra mile
Over 215 miles in six and a half days
Hopefully in a cool summer haze

Dorset is where Rachel will run
And everyone can support and have fun
All can get involved along the route
Please hold events and give her a toot

Chaz E. Arnold, the Paignton Poet
Twitter @Paignton Poet

For Rachel's 2015 Fundraising Skinny Dip at Studland Dorset.

Supported by British Naturism

The Paignton Poet wrote: