Snippets from the poem will also be seen   on the official 2018 HNT video...
 this will be on the website on March 31st!

March 2018


I had today when I opened a Birthday Email from Laurence Lagrue...

the HNT Official Poet...

Too good not to share....thank you Laurence!

Happy Birthday Rachel

“But Mummy! You’ll have

Even more wrinkles than

You have now!”, came the

Response from your darling “Y”

Not said with any malicious intent,

Just the perspective from her wonderful eyes.

Her response came after the announcement

That youR Birthday is today.

And though it may have almost

Brought you to tears,

Today tears must stay away.

For today is a celebration

Of you, and all that you are;

Not only a mother, and a fundraiser

But all the other things that you also do –

You really are a superstar.

The work that you do is awesome;

I don’t honestly know how you find the time

To do all the things that you do

And then still raise your kids –

But take a look; your kids are just fine.

They rightly do you credit,

And make you so proud, this is true.

But here’s something you might not

Have considered before:

That your kids are

Proud of you too.

So tell “Y” that your wrinkles

Are laughter lines,

From good times you’ve had before.

And Each one is a fabulous memory,

And when you laugh,

You are making one more.

So I hope that a few more are created

As you laugh loud and long all today.

And I do hope that you

Truly enjoy yourself,

A have a very, very

Happy Birthday

MARCH 31st

Publishing of the HNT  Poem, written and presented by Poet Laurence Lagrue

 Snippets from the interview will also be seen   on the official 2018 HNT video...
 this will be on the website on March 31st!

March 31st

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