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All the poems below have been specially written by HNT's adopted poet "Laurence Lagrue - alias W is for Duck".

© Laurence Lagrue – Hidden Needs Trust

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"Please Can You Help Me"

​But she does it because she realises
The great work that is done
To support children with SEN
And their dads and their mums.
And their carers and all the people
Who are caught up in this.
There’s no other reason –
She just has one wish.

To make more of a difference
Than the one she has done:
Get help, raise awareness
Raise support and raise funds
So that all kids in Dorset
And in Somerset too
Can get the support that they need
And that their families are due.
Because it’s not nice to struggle,
To be confused and be scared.
I want to play my part in the world
I’ve got talents to share.
But no-one will see them
If my chances are crushed
But you can stop that from happening
By supporting the Hidden Needs Trust

​Laurence Lagrue - W is for Duck

​Please can you help me?
I don’t understand
What I’m hearing or seeing
Or what I hold in my hand.
The information the world gives me
Is scrambled in code
And I’m trying to decipher it
But the key I don’t know.
I want to ask for help
But it’s not that black and white
When I struggle to communicate
I can’t speak or can’t write

Mum and dad want to help me.
Or Just mum
Or just dad.
Or my carer
All who recognise my situation is bad.
But they are scared and uncertain;
Worried about judgement and shame.
They don’t want to be labelled,
To be told I’m not the same.

It’s a battle we share
But we have each our own fights
Asking not for more than we deserve
Just the help that is right.

There’s a charity who knows.
There’s a lady that cares.
She understands feeling helpless
Frustrated and pulling out hair.
Her and her Charity, the Hidden Needs Trust
Keep raising money
To help people like us.
With endless enthusiasm
Time after time
She does crazy physical challenges
Putting her body on the line.
Wheelchair marathons,
Marathons with a broken neck –
It’s exciting and worrying to see what she does next.
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