​HNT Poem 2018

Imagine a world that doesn’t make sense;
A world where you are Restricted by an invisible fence
That affects what you do; See, speak, touch, hear
That stop you interacting, and stop the world getting near.

Imagine that was your world – how would you feel
Being unable to communicate, not able to appeal
For help or assistance to try to make sense
Of the noises and sights that are so intense
As they constantly batter your developing mind
That they make you lash out – though you are not unkind
You’re a really nice person, but it’s often too much
For you to cope with people talking or trying to touch
The thing you are holding, because you don’t understand “Share”
And it isn’t that you’re nasty, or that you just don’t care.

How you fit with the world is what’s hard to control
It’s like trying to put a square peg into a round hole
Your struggle is hidden from those who don’t know
Anything about your challenges, because even though

It’s a recognised condition, knowledge is rare
So it’s easier to be labelled, or put over there
Away from the other children because you are naughty
And be told things like – “Not now – I will deal with you shortly”

Such treatment is upsetting; it makes you feel sad
To be thought of as disruptive, stupid or bad.
Even if you don’t understand what any of those words mean
The eyes feed the soul, so repeating the scene
Of being different to others can only reduce
Any feeling of self-worth, and replace with abuse
That may come from within, as you absorb what you see
And start to believe “Something is wrong with me”

So Imagine that world, that existence, that life
Where each day filled with anxiety and strife.
Distraction, and being overwhelmed at every turn
Hinder your ability to develop and learn.
You’re trapped in the cycle of struggle and pain
Unable to clearly express yourself, or even explain
What you are going through at such a young age
Spending each and every day, in your invisible cage.

Laurence Lagrue
W is for Duck  

Charity Number 1187246