Luke Woods - Photographer

Sponsored todays leg of Rachel's Run 

Day 1  Friday June 10th 
Sherborne - Dovecot
Day 2  Saturday June 11th Bruton - Shepton Mallett

Rachel's Epic Run 2016 26 Marathons over 26 Days

Son Will joined Rachel today for the first of his 5 days supporting mum and Hidden Needs Trust

Start: Sherborne, top of Cheap St 9am

3.3 miles to Sandford Orcas
1.6 miles to Corton Denham
2.6 miles to South Cadbury
1.5 miles to North Cadbury C of E School

ETA: 11am      ETD: 11.30am 

1.4 miles to Woolston
1.2 miles to Yarlington
2.6 miles to Shepton Montague
2.8 miles to Redlynch
1.5 miles approx to Hardway, The Bull Inn

ETA: 1.30pm    ETD: 2.30pm

1.5 miles to S Brewham
0.5 miles to N Brewham
3.4 miles to Upton Noble
1.6 miles to Batcombe
3.2 miles to Dovecot

ETA:  5pm

Total recorded mileage today: 29 miles

Start: Bruton 9.30am 

2.8 miles to N Brewham
5.5 miles to Gare Hill
2.8 miles to Trudoxhill
2 miles to Tytherington, The Fox and Hounds

ETA: 12.30pm    ETD: 1.30pm 

Drive to Frome town centre...busy roads between these two points.

Start 2nd 1/2 marathon at 2pm...

3.1 miles from Frome to Whatley
1.2 miles to Chantry
2.8 miles to Tadhill
2.5 miles to Chelynch
1.2 miles to Bodden
1.8 miles to Downside, Shepton Mallet
1.2 miles to Shepton Mallet Swimming Pool

ETA: 6pm

Total recorded mileage today: 26 miles

Charity Number 1187246