Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs

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Wow - the wheelchair has been delivered...Thank you Motivation

As planning progresses there has been exciting new developments.

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  Some of the children who attend the Opportunity Groups that Rachel raises funds for have PHYSICAL DISABILITIES along side their Special Educational Needs. This makes life even harder for them as they have to face their own physical challenges on a daily basis.

   Rachel sees how difficult life can be for a child with SEN due to her experience as a mother with an SEN daughter. However, until now she has had no concept of how hard life can be for children with additional physical disabilities. So, this year's "Epic Run" will be one with a difference...a marathon done in a racing wheelchair.

   As an athlete used to using powerful leg muscles Rachel will need to gain immense core and upper body strength and endurance. Her training, under the guidance of SpFit Sherborne is gruelling, sometimes exhausting both physically and mentally, but this is ONLY until June 16th when the marathon will take place; unlike children who have physical disabilities as they MAY have to endure these physical and mental challenges on a long term basis. ‚Äč

"Well Dotty, how do I sit on this?"


Taking place at the Sherborne Summer Festival. 

Come along and watch the website and HNT's Twitter feed for updates as plans come together.

Rachel's Epic Run 2018 

June 16th