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The adventures of Y my SEN daughter, hope you enjoy.... 

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  "Hidden Needs Trust - The Story"

Many thanks to Yeovil College Media Dept. especially students  Callum and Olivia for their help in the making of this video.

​ Hidden Needs Trust
Porter Dodson, Sheborne & Sturminster Newton,
chosen charity of the year 2017 - 18  

Welcome to the Hidden Needs Trust

 Rachel's Epic Run 17 will finish at the entrance of the "Sherborne Summer Festival" ETA 3:15 pm

Well, at last the run route for June 17th is sorted! It has been changed dramatically because; this is my last Epic Run and my boys want to join their mad mum. George will cover the most miles with younger brothers William and Peter nipping in and out at various points as suits their little legs.  So, back to a Family Affair as I intend many months ago!  For this reason, safety has had to be paramount in the route choice, not too far for support car to drop off and pick the boys as required.   

   The main STOPPING POINTS are highlighted so do come along and cheer, and extra water and snacks are welcome too! I am running with just a tracker and mobile and the plan is to refuel at the specific stops as indicated.

   If you cannot come to points on the run route I hope to see you at the Sherborne Summer Festival when I run in at approx 3.15pm. The event is from 12 noon right through until 10pm...LOADS of music, stands, and FUN for all ages and is a free event, with proceeds going to charity, so please come along to support!

   If you listen to the announcements from the stage at around 3pm you will know exactly the time that I am due into the event...come along and join me up to the stage...I will be the one that looks dead on her feet!!! Sponsors, supporters, and SEN children and families very much get your shorts on and join me in the last 100m!

   Pete is manning the HNT STAND from 12 noon...but is also the support car driver, and so if any of you can help with the STAND and TOMBOLA...fantastic! Get in touch...07516 288571...or via twitter, or turn up on the day! ANY help really appreciated even if just for 1/2 hour.

                                                                                 RUN ROUTE June 17th

                                                                  START TIME = 2.15 am     FINISH = 3.15pm

                                                                             TOTAL MILEAGE = 65 miles!

2.15 – 3.15am  WARM UP either on bike/or treadmill/or road at home + stretching.
                       Awaiting light to appear so it is safe to go out on the road if necessary!
20 miles
3.15 – 3.45am  FUELLING and Self-Preparation – Road Preparation/tracker set

                       [via Stallen, Nether Compton, Over Compton, Trent, Adber, Rimpton,
                       Sandford Orcas, Coombe, Sherborne]
13.2 miles

6.15 – 6.30am Refuelling at THE OXLEY SPORTS CENTRE, SHERBORNE
                      Come and join me for breakfast!!

                  [via Sherborne, Leweston School, and Yetminster]
10.8 miles

9.00 – 11.30am   CHETNOLE to CERNE ABBAS
                          [via Batcombe and Up Cerne]
10 miles

11.30 – 11.45am Refuelling/checking tracker at Cerne Abbas...
                         Come and join me!

                              [via Giant's Hill, Lyons Gate and Middlemarsh]
5.8 miles

1.30 – 2.00pm  Refuelling, checking tracker and ETA at Sherborne Summer Festival 
                       Support car transporting to Bishops Caundle for FINAL LEG!

                       [via Haydon and Sherborne Castle Park]
5.2 miles

                                                                  ETA Sherborne Castle Entrance is 3.10pm!

                                                                 Come and wave and then join in the festival!

                                                                  ETA Sherborne Summer Festival is 3.15pm! 

                                                       For Sherborne Summer Festival details click here>>>>>>