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The adventures of Y my SEN daughter, hope you enjoy.... 

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  "Hidden Needs Trust - The Story"

Many thanks to Yeovil College Media Dept. especially students  Callum and Olivia for their help in the making of this video.

Welcome to the Hidden Needs Trust

 EXCITING NEWS about my 2017 Epic Run which will be a family affair, plus the year ahead which will bring another year of fun and fund raising with a DIFFERENCE! 

 My children have been hugely proactive over the last 2 years in helping with organisation and joining in many of the HNT fund raising events. These included the infamous Battle Ready Race when I broke my neck!, the Skinny Dips in association with British Naturism, the numerous table top sales, raffles and of course my multi-marathons.

 SO, on June 17th 2017 my Epic Run will start at Ferrybridge, Portland and cover 65 miles (2.5 marathons) to Sherborne, where I will finish at the entrance to the Sherborne Summer Festival at 3pm.

 When I reach the finish point, the entrance of Sherborne Summer Festival,at 3pm anyone - children, their parents/carers, schools and in particular children with SEN are invited to join me either running, walking, on scooters, in wheelchairs…whatever they require to accompany me through the festival grounds to the stage for the official welcome home.

 Important, Please Note: Anyone joining my run at any stage does so voluntarily and entirely at their own risk.  Hidden Needs Trust cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage sustained.
 CHILDREN under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an appropriate adult.   

 Please Go to "Epic Run 2017" in the menu bar at top of page to see latest information.           



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