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Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs

HNT welcomes support from individual" Fund Raisers".

So, if you enjoy fundraising  and are looking for a good cause to support in 2017 YOU have found it! 

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The adventures of Y my SEN daughter, hope you enjoy.... 

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Welcome to the Hidden Needs Trust

EXCITING NEWS about the 2017 Epic Run which will be a family affair plus the year ahead which will bring another year of fun and fund raising with a DIFFERENCE! 

My children have been hugely proactive over the last 2 years in helping with organisation and joining in many of the HNT fund raising events. These included the infamous Battle Ready Race when I broke my neck!, the Skinny Dips in association with British Naturism, the numerous table top sales, raffles and of course my multi-marathons.

SO, in June 2017 my Epic Run will be a family affair. My eldest 2 boys [Alex 28 and George 16] will complete the full 60 miles with me as we run from Portland Bill back to my home town of Sherborne. At 13 miles before the finish, William [13] will join us, as will little Peter [9] at the final 6 mile mark.

As we reach the entrance of Sherborne New Castle Park and the final ¾ mile, I am inviting children, their parents/carers, schools and in particular children with SEN to join us…running, walking, on scooters, in wheelchairs…whatever they require to help us complete the final leg into The Meadows, Sherborne to join Sherborne's Community Event at 3pm.

Along the Epic Run route, my boys and I will be stopping at significant points in order to meet with local communities, dignitaries, and in particular school children. This will enable us to increase awareness of what the SEN children and their families need, promote HNT, and encourage others to help fund raise with us in the future.

  Important, Please Note: Anyone joining the run at any stage does so voluntarily and entirely at their own risk.  Hidden Needs Trust cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage sustained.

 CHILDREN under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an appropriate adult.                

DETAILS of the run route, times and date will be advertised by the start of September…and of course NEW LEAFLETS containing updated information will be available then too!!!

Fundraise for Hidden Needs Trust via HNT’s Just Giving page – this can be done by individuals, groups etc.  Just come up with an idea i.e. a fun event, a challenge, something from your bucket list etc., let Rachel know so HNT can help promote your fundraising, follow the Just Giving link on this page and set up your own Fundraiser page.  Remember money raised will go to help SEN kids.  

During the coming year Hidden Needs Trust will continue its link with philanthropy group Somerset Community Foundation who handle Hidden Needs Trust's finances as well as giving promotional support and general advice. 

Hidden Needs Trust beneficiaries will change in the coming year with Rachel  aiming to help create awareness and raise funds for other pre-school special needs groups whilst still continuing to give support to the four Dorset and Somerset Opportunity Groups.